Aesthetic & Beauty Clinic

***NEW ADDRESS from 01/01/2019***

Carla Hackett Beauty & Holistic, 141 Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield. S11 9PJ 

"Love yourself, because beauty comes from the inside out"

 Welcome to Above & Beyond Therapy, a Sheffield clinic specialising in a range of treatments from enhancing your natural aesthetic beauty, to remedial cosmetic procedures that can help you regain your self-confidence and give your general wellbeing a boost.

 The owner and founder of Above & Beyond Therapy is Emma Stalker, who has more than 14 years experience in providing individual treatment plans which are client led and designed to help her customers achieve the best results as naturally as possible without resorting to invasive and expensive cosmetic surgery. Her personality and passion for helping her clients achieve the best of themselves, and her experience in knowing which treatment will obtain the best results, makes Above & Beyond Therapy different from many similar clinics who promote  products and services which benefit the clinic more than the client. Emma will always continue to train to make sure her clients have access to the newest, advanced and cutting-edge non-surgical treatments available, whilst you can rest assured of being in the safe hands of an experienced aesthetic therapist. She doesn't retail any skincare products and if an aftercare package is required to get the optimum results this will be included in the cost of the treatment. All treatments are available to both male and female clients.

We are also proud to announce that some of the treatments offered cannot be found anywhere else in the South Yorkshire region.


Platelet Rich Fibrin

Private Phlebotomy sessions

Needle Free Lip Plumping

Newest Generation PRP/PRF

Skin Boosters


Wrinkle Reduction

HIFU - Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation

BIOFIL® - 100% Organic Dermal Filler

Dermal Fillers & Advanced Dermal Fillers

 Plasma Blast® - Soft Surgery

Mytox® Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP or Vampire Facial)

Micro-Sclerotherapy - Threadvein Treatment for Legs

Carbon Laser Facial Peel

Dermaplaning Facial 


For your peace of mind when you make an appointment at Above & Beyond Therapy, you know that Emma will  be the only person guiding you through the treatment, and that she has been trained in the latest techniques and developments in them. In fact, every procedure that is offered has been tried by Emma personally, giving her first hand knowledge of the clients experience during and after the treatment.

 At Above & Beyond Therapy, we realise that how you look and feel can impact upon your self-confidence and wellbeing, and our aim is to help you regain it, as simply and easily as possible. The newest treatment available is the Vaginal rejuvenation that gives you that instant confidence without any of the distress of surgery and its associated risks.Treatments such as facial hair removal / reduction, the Mytox Plasma Lift (Vampire Facial), and the removal of moles, skin tags and threadveins can have an almost instant positive effect, all done in the comfortable, discreet surroundings of our therapy suite within a new address of Carla Hackett Beauty & Holistic Salon, to the south of Sheffield. Your right to confidentiality is also a major importance to us so communication and treatments will not be discussed with any third parties without your express consent. 

Above & Beyond Therapy is proud to be on the NHS list of approved electrolysis providers, and Emma, as a member of the renowned British Institute & Association of Electrolysis, welcomes clients from the Transgender community for facial and pre-surgical hair removal treatment. We operate a non-discriminatory policy for any of our treatments in regards to gender, race or sexuality, our only proviso being is that Emma can refuse to do a certain treatment if she does not think it is in the clients best interest, or safe to carry out.

Thank You  

Emma Stalker